art, lo que sea (2), 2015

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Another exchange I made with local business was with Nuria Aicart. During summer, she works at bar/cafeteria of public swimming pool of El Bruc. The swimming pool was also used as a place where people gather and hang out.
Sometimes they had live music performance and other times they had outdoor movie theatre at the swimming pool. (They were showing "The Goonies" in Catalan.)

Nuria would like to me to make a design (poster) for the bar/cafeteria at swimming pool. I made three different designs and asked her to choose one. In exchange, she let me enter the swimming pool for free for the summer. It was a great exchange!

One day, a local man came to the residency. He told me that he decided to come and meet me after he saw my flyer at the supermarket. His name was Ramon Jorba, retired chef from local restaurant he used to own. Ramon brought me a drawing he made and tomatoes from his garden.

I asked him what he would like from me in exchange, and he kept saying "nothing." I thought there must be a misunderstanding because of the language barrier. But later on, he told me that even though he lives nearby, it had been long time to come to Can Serrat. Since the day I met him, I had been thinking what I could do for him as an artist.

Another person who came to the residency for asking me an exchange was Montse Giné. She is a music teacher. She wanted to learn English so we decided to have language exchange session. Montse, and sometimes her daughters, taught me Catalan and Spanish and I taught them English.

I met Alina and Naila, a beautiful mother and daughter at local cafe/bar, Cal Cobix. Alina moved from Germany and had a baby Naila in Spain. Alina was always so kind to me, and we hung out a lot throughout the summer. She showed me how real local life in El Bruc was. I really appreciate her kindness and our friendship. For Naila's 1-year-old birthday, I made a drawing of her.

I also tried to have an exchange with local restaurant in El Bruc, Cal Noio. Jaume, the owner, was very shy at first.

A couple of days later, I made business cards of Cal Noio and brought them to him. In exchange, he treated a lunch with my favorite Catalan dessert, crema catalata!

In El Bruc, there's a summer festival called "Festa Major" in August. During the Festa Major, there were so many events happening in town. I was curious about the festival and had a strong urge to participate and contribute myself to the community of El Bruc.

One of the member of "Gigantes y Cabezudos" (Giants and Big-Heads) was working at the supermarket as a cashier. One day, I asked her if I could do anything for the group. She laughed at me and asked me "Do you want to be a Giant?" I didn't really know what she meant but I said "Si!" to her without thinking. She told me to come to Can Casas (Town Hall) on certain time of the festival day.

Then, there they were!

The team members helped me to wear the paper mache Big-head of the middle aged man, and I walked a parade as one of the big heads! It became one of the most unforgettable memories. After the parade was over, another team member told me that I was the first foreign person who wore the big head in El Bruc, and gave me a team T-shirt which had autographs of all of the team members.

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After Kataru Català, I made one last exchange with Carles Estrada. He told me he would like to have one of my drawing from One A Day project. In exchange, I received his drawing of Montserrat from 1991.

Thanks to
Nuria Aicart
Ramon Jorba
Montse Giné
Alina and Naila
Restaurant Cal Noio
Ajuntament del Bruc
Carles Estrada