art, lo que sea, 2015

art, lo que sea is community project I designed and conducted in the town of El Bruc, Spain, during my stay at Can Serrat Artist Residency in the summer of 2015.
El Bruc is a town about 2,000 people lives (in 2014), and located at the foot of Montserrat and 45 km from Barcelona.

First of all, I walked the town with the flyer that explains my project in Spanish.

(in English)

My name is Tomoe Tsutsumi.
I am Japanese. I live in NY.
I am an artist living in Can Serrat for July and August.
I need you to participate in my art project.

My project is titled
"Art Whatever".
I'd like to offer my art for whatever you need.
I don't accept money.
It's only done by exchange.
You can exchange goods,
service or whatever you think
it's the same value of the art I make for you.

[...] Please ask me any questions.
I'd be happy to talk with you.
Thank you!

I handed the flyer everyone I greeted on the street.
Most importantly, I got to put the flyer on the information board at Carlets, one and only supermarket in El Bruc.

First successful exchange was made with Laura Perez. She was a mother of two beautiful children and worked at local cafe.
The way we communicated was interesting because we didn't have a common language. But somehow we understood each other. She would like me to make a drawing of her children. She sent me a picture of them and I made a drawing.

I was very nervous when I handed the drawing to her. Then, she told me that she didn't like the drawing because it's "demonios".

I was shocked at first but then I was happy because she was very honest. A few days later, I made a re-do of the drawing, and went to the cafe and handed it to her. She smiled at me and told me to come back later.

A few hours later, I went back to the cafe as she said. She was saying "I don't know this is good for your drawing" again and again, and she gave me a big cake that she baked for me. She told me it's Catalan traditional cake. I could't say a word. I was so moved.

I completed two exchanges with artists from Can Serrat Artist Residency as well. First one was with Adelaide Ivanova, a photographer from Brazil, lives in Germany.
After she told me interesting story about her grandmother, I made embroidery on her tank top.

After Adelaide and I completed the residency and went back to our own homes, in Berlin and New York, she sent me a beautiful print that she photographed in El Bruc.

The second exchange was with Martha Otis. She was a writer from Florida. She would like me to make a drawing of Apollonia, a Tanzanian chimpanzee who is very intelligent and a main charter of her book. You can read her text that she wrote me here.

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Thanks to

Carles Estrada
Laura Perez
Adelaide Ivanova
Martha Otis
and Can Serrat Artist Residency.