June 13th & 14th, 2015 at Northside Arts at Williamsburg Walks,
Northside Festival, Brooklyn, NY

In collaboration with
Andrea Burgay.

MAKEXCHANGES is a performance/visual art interactive experience
project created for the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to
the event, Andrea Burgay and I prepared drawings, sculpture and other
art objects. Anyone passing by our booth at the festival was invited
to exchange their own objects, services, or ideas for our artwork. A
mutual agreement between the original artist and the exchanger was
necessary to make the official exchange.

Drawing, sculpture and collage materials were provided for anyone
interested in making art to exchange at the site.

During the event, many people of different ages, with friends,
families or by themselves stopped by our booth. Some fully enjoyed
their moment of creation and spent a great deal of time working on
their object to exchange. Everyone enjoyed making the exchange and
walking away with something new.

This project engages artists and those outside the art world in a
conversation about the nature and value of art objects. These
interactive exchanges explore the role of artist and viewer, creator
and community, creating a dialogue that fosters understanding and
engagement with the arts.

See our progress here.

Thanks to
Northside Festival.

Caitlin Crews.